Container Service

National and international Transport of raw materials for the production of steel is one of our specialities. POLESE METALS provides a large assortment open roll-off containers from 12 to 30 cubic metres to the industrial and manufacturing sector for scrap collection and pickup. We arrange the logistics and transportation for reliable and efficient scrap shipment from your location. POLESE METALS is dedicated to fast, reliable and economical service.

Our roll-off containers are ready for immediate delivery. Whether you need a container for a manufacturing facility, construction site or a clean-up project, we deliver it on-site and on-time.

Containers are available in a variety of sizes to fit your metals recycling needs.

Container roll-off service features:

  • Loaded at ground level. No need for heavy equipment.
  • Convenient placement close to source.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your requirements.
  • On time delivery to meet your scheduling needs.

We build our reputation and future on time-tested alliances and long term business relationships.

Continuity in transport is an important role in POLESE METALS which today operates 23 individual open containers in different sizes for scrap metals. The flexibility of a small-scale organisation offers a unique factor of reliability which means that POLESE METALS guarantees quality to meet your needs.

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